Believe it.

Steve smiles and says, “we’re going to a falafel place in the back of a jewelry store.” On my look, he says, “I can’t explain it any more clearly.”

We head up Wabash from Madison, and lo, the jewelry store. Enter the jewelry store, and lo. A bustling falafel restaurant in the back. A great cheap lunch if you’re ever caught in the Loop and in need. I love this town.

Next door is the Tilted Kilt, which is a Scottish-themed Hooters. A Scottish-themed Hooters? A Scottish-themed Hooters. I can’t explain it any more clearly. So much was left unsaid by regular Hooters, they needed a Scottish-themed Hooters. Ach.

On Google Maps, the top keywords for the Tilted Kilt are “sexual harassment · fish & chips · ice cold beer.” I love this town.

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